Monday, March 2, 2015

...Of places to eat around campus!

Hey future panthers! If you are anything like me, one of your favorite things is food! I heard good things about the food here at UNI, and I was not disappointed. There are two dining centers on campus. These are in the Towers Center, the Rialto and on the other side of campus in the Redeker Center, Piazza.

What new students might not know is that there are a variety of places on campus to use your dining dollars. At all these places so many different foods are served, and you can check what foods are served on the UNI app, MyUNI, which can be found in the app store. This way you will never miss your favorite food! With this many options offered, there is something for everyone on campus, even the pickiest eater!

All these places are perfect for those on the go, and there are so many places to get food other than the dining centers!

Enjoy the video, and you are able to see all the different places you can get food on campus with your dining dollars!

Until next time,

STAR Emily

...Of an Aware Student

Hey Future Panthers,
Last week the University of Northern Iowa, among other schools, colleges, and work places recognized National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, lasting from February 22-28th.

The University had many events going on around campus to raise awareness and educate students/faculty about the seriousness of eating disorders.

On Monday almost all the bathrooms around campus were covered with positive sticky notes! :)

Besides the sticky notes the Wellness and Recreation Center  had events throughout the week, check them out through this link . I had the chance to attend the eating disorder awareness panel and hear more about the types of eating disorders and how to help loved ones and learn the signs of what an eating disorder may look like. I learned that eating disorders do not discriminate, they are not all the same, and a person struggling with an eating disorder does not have to have bones sticking out to struggle with one. Lots of other important information was spoken about and some inspirational stories. I definitely encourage all you future Panthers to check out these events when you come to campus!

Not only does UNI help inform students during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, but UNI also has some great resources year-round that can help students struggling with this issue.

Our campus provides FREE counseling in the Health Center (next to Schindler Education Center), and our campus also has a professor/Health Educator who helps individuals with eating disorders among other issues such as Violence Intervention: Joan Thompson, her office is in WRC 104.

These resources are free and so important to those who need them, don't forget or take for granted how much this University can offer students! I personally have struggled with an eating disorder and I am happy to say that all the help I received from members of the UNI Family has allowed me to be happy and healthy again!

If you care to learn more about eating disorders feel free to check out the National Eating Disorder Awareness Website!

And to all the future Panthers out there please remember how beautiful and special you all are and remember to be kind to all and let others know how beautiful they are too, you could really make a difference in someone's day, or even their life! :)

See you on campus someday,
STAR Grace

Sunday, March 1, 2015

...Of surviving homesickness

Hey Future Panthers! 

Going to college can be extremely nerve-wracking.  For most people, it is their first experience of having true independence.  A common emotion to feel in the beginning of the year is homesickness.  

Being homesick is different for everyone…  Some people love to go home frequently, and others like only to go home occasionally on breaks.  Either way is totally okay!  Don’t worry about how much you may or may not go home!  Of course, we want you to enjoy your time on campus, so here are a few tips to help you survive homesickness! 

Tip #1: Make new friends!
My friend Rachael and I at the UNI Homecoming game
Making new friends can be intimidating, but it really helps with missing your family and friends back home.  In the first couple of weeks of college, there are many welcome activities- go to them!  This is a great way to meet other people in your hall.  Making friends comes naturally the first week because everyone just wants to get to know each other.  Some of the people I met the first week are my best friends at college; I know I can go to them whenever I am upset or excited, and they will listen and offer hugs, tissues, or even lame jokes to help me feel better.  Keep your door open, smile at familiar faces, and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself…  Chances are that you will meet plenty of wonderful people!
My friends and I went to the Pentatonix concert at UNI together!

Tip #2: Get involved!
Getting involved is a great way to feel more at home on campus.  UNI offers a huge variety of different ways to get involved.  Check out our involvement website at: 
I joined music ensembles and a few clubs relating to my majors, which has helped me stay busy, meet new friends, and make connections within my field of study.  Staying busy will help keep your mind off things that may be happening at home because you will be busy making memories at UNI.
UNI Choir members

I miss my family- especially my little sister; she is my best friend
Tip #3: Call home!
Don’t be afraid to call your family or friends from back home.  Even after being here for almost two semesters, I will still talk to my mom, sister, or friend from high school a couple of times a week to just let them know how I am, what I’m doing at UNI, and even to just vent about stressful situations.  Sometimes, hearing a familiar voice is all you need to help calm yourself down and not worry about being away from home. 
But Skyping friends from high school is helpful

Tip #4: Relax
Classes, activities, social events, etc. can all be very stressful.  We encourage you to be involved and enjoy the entire college experience, but don’t forget to take time for yourself.  Whether this is spending some time watching Netflix, painting your nails, playing video games, knitting, or whatever you love doing, be sure to remember to do something that helps you feel comfortable and less stressed.  I like to paint my nails and read occasionally; it helps takes my thoughts off home, college, and any other stressful matter.  I am able to just relax and focus on being in the moment.  So don’t forget to relax, so you can fully enjoy every other experience at UNI! 

Rachael chooses to relax by playing guitar
Overall, being homesick will happen at least once during your time at UNI, but you will survive!  Remember, don’t compare life at UNI to life at home- they will be two completely different experiences.  Avoid sitting in your dorm room thinking about home constantly.  Instead, take a chance- go meet people, get involved, and enjoy the experience!  

-STAR Courtney

Monday, February 23, 2015

...Of Visiting my Favorite Places on Campus!

Hey Future Panthers,

Every so often after a long day of classes or a hard week, you sometimes just need to find a place on campus to relax. For me, I found two places on campus that I go to study or just relax and spend time.

T-Rex Skull located on the first floor of Latham!
First place I love going to is Latham Hall. Latham is home to Applied Human Sciences and Earth Sciences. There are so many interesting things to look at and read that change constantly. From UNI themed outfits that design students made to a T- Rex skull; they have something for everyone! 
UNI spirit outfits made by design students!

Personally, I spend the most time in the Earth Sciences area of Latham, because it has dinosaur bones and different displays about Earth and other planets that are really interesting to read. They also host movie nights and talks on different subjects that are a great way to not only take a break from school but also meet new people.

The one place I spend the most time at on campus is McCollum Science Hall. I come here almost every day to go to class, study, and just to hang out. McCollum is full of interesting areas to spend time in and explore. Whether it is the giant polar bear on the second floor, the huge indoor waterfall that is two floors tall, or Wally the alligator and turtles that live on the first floor. Not only are there interesting things to look at, but there are also interesting people to meet as well.

The waterfall is always a fun place to sit and do some reading!

Wally the Alligator is always good for a smile!
The turtles on the first floor are very social!

There are so many other places on campus that I love to go to, but these are the two places that I spend the most time in. So when you come up to UNI, I urge you to find your favorite place!

Have a great rest of your week F.P.’s,

STAR Eliza

...of Living Off-Campus at University Mills!

Hey Future Panthers,

STAR Grace here with a video about what living off-campus at University Mills has to offer! This is for all the Transfer students who might be planning to live off campus, or any freshman deciding to do that as well! :)


University Mills has been a great place to live, besides the great rooms the complex also has free printing (must supply your own paper), 24/7 workout facility, a pool/hot tub, special treat days, popcorn, coffee, and cookies daily, a game/tv room, and a free tanning bed!

Everyone always worries about getting to campus, for all you who plan to walk it only takes me 10-15 minutes to get from UV Mills to the Union! A bike is also a faster means of transportation, but if you really aren't in the mood to do either then UNI does have a free shuttle that runs from 7am-4pm! :)

UV Mills has been a great place to live, and you should check out their website and check out more if you are interested!

I hope this helps with your living decisions! Don't forget to fill out those housing applications if you do plan on living on campus!

-STAR Grace

...Of a Student Admissions Ambassador

Hello Panther fans!
Today I want to tell you all about an organization that I am a part of, the Student Admissions Ambassadors (SAA). We are a group of 50 UNI students, from all areas of campus, that are passionate and dedicated to this lovely university. We are the students you see running around in purps and khaks (purple polos and khaki pants) giving tours, staffing open house days, and hosting lunch bunch with families and we do it all voluntarily. But we are so much more than "tour guides"...we put on an event every year to honor a UNI faculty/staff member, we do service projects all over the Cedar valley, and we are widely involved in other organizations and clubs on campus.
One of my favorite events with SAA is going to the STATE FAIR :)

I even got to milk a cow!!
Selfie with TC and TK

Becoming a member of SAA is one of the best decisions I have made here at UNI. It has allowed me to try new things, leave a positive impact on campus, and make 49 new friends! SAA is a wonderful organization that I would encourage anyone with passion for UNI to join. We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2015 semester and you can find them by following this link: SAA Application

-Star Olivia

Monday, February 16, 2015

...Of a Rider Hall Resident!


Since housing contracts are coming out shortly,
 just thought I would let you, future panthers, know how much 
I love living in Rider Hall! You should definitely check 
out this video to see what it is like!

~STAR Hannah