Monday, April 20, 2015

...Of a Shopper :)

Hello Panther Fans!
Today I wanted to take a moment to tell you all about the shopping options here at UNI. We have a variety of convenience stores on UNI's campus and a fabulous book store! The book store is a great place to get books and SO MUCH MORE...They have:
Children's Clothing
Fan-tastic panther baskets.
Super cute Panther apparel!

The bookstore has a variety of items, but I also enjoy the convenience of walking less than a block to the book store to get the latest fashions and styles to support the panthers. I also LOVE that as a member of S.T.A.T (Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow) you receive coupons and exclusive deals!! :)

If for any reason you don't find what you're looking for at the bookstore, we also have College Square Mall about 4 minutes from campus, and Crossroads Mall about 20 minutes from campus. Both have a variety of clothing, food, and beauty stores; and there is a bus system you can take to them.

If you're interested in any of the stores I mentioned, don't forget to check out their websites:

Happy shopping! :)
-Star Olivia

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

...Of Working at UNI!

 Hey Future Panthers!

 In honor of Student Employment Week at UNI, I wanted to share benefits of working on campus!

If you're looking for a job for the upcoming school year, check out the Job Board on the UNI Website! Sign into your MyUniverse account and click on “Work at UNI”. Then click on “Jobs at UNI” and then “UNI Job & Internship Board” under Student Openings. (You can go to advanced options and search UNI Campus Jobs only).

Why work on campus?
  1. You don’t have to drive anywhere.
  2. They are flexible with hours, especially with your class schedule.
  3. You will make more connections at UNI and meet other students!

Working on campus is really a win-win situation! (You get to have fun AND get paid for it!)

There are plenty of job openings ranging from food service to office work. There might even be positions for your major! Start looking for jobs now, and really be on the look out in the summer.

I have really enjoyed my on-campus job being a STAR! It really is the best part of my day, and it is something I look forward to. It is so convenient because it is right on campus, and I can easily walk to work. I love coming to work because I get to call future panthers and work with my fun co-workers!

Have a great day, and be on the search for jobs for the fall!
-STAR Emily

Monday, April 13, 2015

...Of Sprinting to the Finish!

It's April 14th... which means... SUMMER BREAK IS LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY! 

Which means finals are coming up and you have a ton of projects and you just kind of feel like:

So what are you supposed to do? Well, here are some tips in getting ready for the final stretch.

Write EVERYTHING down.

Tip 2:
Plan ahead. Figure out what has priority. You may have a huge project due on Friday, but by next week you have to have a whole book read. Yes, finish the project first, but don't put that book off. Get started now! Baby steps.

Tip 3:
Once you've completed all of your projects and studying and papers and whatever else you had to do, get excited! You've worked your hardest and you deserve a big ole pat on the back.
Enjoy your summer at the end of it all and get excited to come right on back in the Fall. Now that you've made it through this school year, nothing can ever stress you out again! 

 -STAR, Lauren

...Of a UNI Student Having Fun Off Campus

Hey Future Panthers!

I remember one of my worries being a prospective student was what Cedar Falls had to offer students to have fun outside of all the fun things on campus!
While I had found many options once I got to campus, I recently experienced a new one this past weekend with my friends and it was so fun I just had to share!

Only a few miles away from campus, Adrenaline X Laser Tag is an awesome place to take a small or large group of friends! The staff there makes the experience extremely enjoyable and welcoming for regulars or even someone going laser tagging for the first time!

There are two courses, a smaller and less intense course and a larger and more challenging course! As a beginner I attempted the larger course and still had lots of fun!

The other great thing about Adrenaline X Laser Tag is that there are coupons in the student coupon books that are handed out for free around campus and are in the bookstore! For the two hours in the "Pro" course it would normally be $25, but with your student I.D. and the coupon I saved $10 and it was definitely worth EITHER price!

Be sure to check out their website and check out their facility when you are a Panther on campus :)

P.S. Wear all black, it makes you more difficult to find!

Hope you're excited for your time as a Panther!

-STAR Grace

...Of A Jason Aldean Fan.

How do you know you are a Jason Aldean Fan??

1. You are at least 10 of the 18 million+ views on the "Burnin' It Down" Music video on YouTube.

2. You know all of his songs by heart...and you make sure everyone knows it. Whether you are rockin' out in the shower or in the car with friends, you are not afraid to sing at the top of your lungs.

3. You know that Jason Aldean originally wanted to play baseball. Country singing was not what he wanted to do with his life.

4. He always wears a hat..hopefully there is hair underneath..

5. You know that he has a special lady in his life and your chances of snagging him have drastically decreased.. :/
6. You were on UNI's campus Saturday, March 28th for his amazing concert!!

I am the one with my arm up :)

Until next time Jason Aldean Fans.

 -Star Olivia

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

...of Studying and Time Management!

Are you nervous about studying and time management in college? I know I was really nervous about this when I came here, and I have found some tips and tricks to help with classwork!

  1. Use your planner. You will receive a planner from the university at the beginning of the year, and it is so important to write down important dates. Go through your syllabus at the beginning of the year and write down all the due dates and test dates!

  2. Make a to-do list. This is something that has helped me so much. I use my planner to write down important dates and assignments from class that day. I will make a daily to-do list to write down everything I need to accomplish that day. This ranges from assignments and studying to cleaning my room. It feels so good to cross out the list and be done at the end of the day, so this might help you too!
  3. Make a friend (or more) in your class. Get to know the person next to you! I have made a lot of my friends in my classes, and this really helps around test time. Finding a study partner can really help you in class. Having someone you can ask for help on anything assigned in your class is really nice!
  4. Find what studying technique works best for you. Studying is different for everyone. There are a few techniques you can use. One is flashcards. This can be on note cards or online on Quizlet. Another is writing important things down on a piece of paper a lot of times until it is memorized. Another thing to do is outline and highlight your notes, both from lectures and from the book. There are other ways as well, so be sure to find one that works for you!
  5. Don’t stress. I know this one may seem impossible, but if you manage your time throughout the day and allow yourself enough time to study, you will be less stressed. Study until you feel confident, and try not to overwork yourself.

These are just some things I wish I knew when I came to college because they have really helped me with my classwork. The biggest thing is knowing what works best for you to study, so use different techniques and see what works best!

-STAR Emily

Monday, March 30, 2015

...of a Movie Addict on a Budget

Hey Future Panthers!

STAR Grace here with another awesome deal for you, especially all you movie lovers out there!

Just a couple miles from campus is College Square Theatre! This movie theatre has all the same great movies showing all over the country, but they have some special deals for us college students and for the Cedar Falls residents as well.

The great deals they offer for college students are available on Thursday: admissions to any movie is only $5 and a small popcorn is free! :) This is a really fun activity for you and friends or as a quick study break! 
Not only is there a sweet deal on Thursdays for college students there is also one on Tuesdays for everyone! The movies on Tuesday are $5 as well, plus free popcorn, $2 candy, and $2 hot dogs! 

Last week I saw Cinderella with a drink and popcorn for only $8.00 total! Normally its about $7 just for admission. 

Be on the lookout for great movies while on campus because the deals are great, and after all that studying, you'll definitely need a break! 

P.S. Be sure to checkout the the College Square Theatre website for deals when you're here!

Cant wait to see you on campus! 
-STAR Grace